Sectors, Services & Clients


Ashridge Engineering provides the following services in the water and electricity sectors with a high profile list of clients:


  • Burst trunk main detection - monitoring and protecting water networks
  • Water leak detection and remote data collection
  • Combined sewer overflow measurement and alarm
  • Liquid level measurement
  • Tank gauging
  • Water and water under oil detection
  • Depth and barometric Switches

Water Industry:

  • South West Water
  • Optimise
  • Thames Water Utilities
  • Aqualogic WC Ltd
  • Etive Technologies Ltd
  • Hydromectric
  • Crossrail Ltd
  • Water Control Instrumentation

Electricity Industry:

  • Brush Transformers
  • Arfin
  • Northern Power Grid
  • National Grid
  • Alstrom Grid
  • SGB Starkstrom-Geratebau
  • Siemens