General information

AutoNaut Ltd was created in 2012 to design and manufacture wave-propelled boats, equipped to operate as an autonomous marine data collection hub. A fleet of craft is available in a range of sizes to suit multiple applications across the Oil & Gas, Renewables, Civil Engineering, Research and Science sectors as well as for Defence, Security and Surveillance.

AutoNaut vessels require no fuel, making them capable of long endurance ocean missions. The vessels are storm-proven and operate persistently at up to 4 knots with the manoeuvrability to perform a range of survey tasks from station-keeping to complex transects. A suite of state-of-the-art sensors can be fitted, including gyro-stabilised HD cameras, hydrophone, oceano-graphic sensors, electronic and radar detection equipment. The craft may then act as a communications bridge to transmit data to shore in real time for remote offshore operations. These capabilities open up Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM), Environmental Parameter Monitoring (EPM), pipeline inspection and optical surveillance for illegal fisheries and border patrol.  

Seiche Vattenteknologi AB (SEVTAB)

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Office phone number: +46 8 5250 6210